At BGT Construction we have a Unique team that strive to work and learn traditionally while up-keeping the highest possible standard and employing modern techniques. This skilled team demonstrates excellence in utilising modern tools and technology while providing the sharpest traditional aesthetic.

Ben Golby


Ben’s experience as a builder began when he was a child. Traditional carpentry and construction had always been the family business. In 2004 Ben studied Carpentry, Joinery and Site Construction in Rugby, Warwickshire. After completing his studies in carpentry Ben broadened his career prospects by learning different sides of the trade around the globe.

Ben had a keen interest in snowboarding, biking and other mountain sports which made Queenstown very appealing. Ben had his start in the Queenstown market working for Trinity Construction from 2013 where he worked his way up from carpenter to foreman. Ben saw the opportunity to provide excellence in traditional carpentry and construction and started Ben Golby’s Traditional Construction in April 2017. Since that time the company has steadily grown with an emphasis on good ethics and superior craftsmanship.